Our Scientific Team


Irene Granlund, Sr. Director Laboratory Services; (Co-founder)

Dr. Irene Granlund (Co-founder) is a protein scientist and analyst from Umeå, Sweden. Dr. Granlund brings her expertise to Pro Test Diagnostics and has been instrumental in the development methods to analyse various biological samples. Dr. Granlund has brought her attention to detail and expertise to the first of its kind product for autologous blood doping detection in sports anti-doping efforts to maintain clean sports competition.

She received her PhD in plant physiology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU, Sweden) using LC/MS/MS to evaluate the alternations of plant proteins under various stimuli.


Nelson Khoo, COO, Co-founder

Dr. Nelson Khoo  has over 10+ years of management and business development experience. Dr. Khoo has consulted and managed projects covering immunology, molecular biology, cancer, diabetes, developmental biology and diagnostic development. Dr. Khoo’s other experiences include development of university core facility and has co-founded a global professional society. Dr. Khoo helped start several companies (Sweden and Netherlands) and sits or have sat on the board of directors of several startups. Dr. Khoo has an Honours B.Sc. degree from Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada), as well as a M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from University of Western Ontario (Canada). Dr. Khoo is a serial entrepreneur, co-inventor on several patent applications, and 16+ peer-reviewed publications.


Christer Malm, CEO, Co-founder

Dr. Christer Malm is Associate Professor at the Department of Sports Medicine (Umeå University). He has been a mid-distance runner at the national level and trained in the United States before returning to Sweden to begin his graduate studies in Karolinska Institute with Prof. Björn Ekblom. His interests in sports and science have given Dr. Malm a purpose to focus on sports physiology and performance enhancement practices in organized sports. Dr. Malm found that the tools today can provide an advantage to find and develop new test that can be used to monitor athletes for a fair and safe competition for all ages. Dr. Malm is a sought after expert in the area recognized by research awards from WADA and the Swedish Sports Association. He is also a expert member in the Swedish Anti-Doping Association scientific board that meet regularly in Stockholm.