Pilot production

 – Another big step towards the market 2020 for a diagnostic test for autologous blood doping.

Umeå, Sweden—Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Pro Test Diagnostics (PTD) AB is excited to reach another major milestone in its efforts to deliver a diagnostic kit to detect autologous blood doping.

“We are now even closer to serial production and the introduction on the market, a significant contribution to the fight against autologous blood doping in sports, which to date has no direct test for the practice”, said Anders Mannelqvist, CEO.

PTD has been working diligently with its collaborators, suppliers and partners to produce this first pilot run. The kits were delivered to Pro Test Diagnostics on July 23rd from its ISO certified manufacturing partner (Minerva-Biolabs Gmbh, Berlin).

“We have listened to our collaborators and the pilot production allows Pro Test Diagnostics to work on the final refinement of the kit to enhance the end-user experience at the bench, and ultimately provide a unique test to catch the practice of doping were the athlete’s use their own stored blood to enhance their performance”, according to Nelson Khoo, COO.

We would like to say thank you to our investor, Fort Knox Förvaltning AB for their continued support in our long journey to reach this important point in our company’s history and our vision—Clean Sports Clear Choice.

We look forward to testing our pilot kits with our collaborators and WADA accredited doping control laboratories, Norwegian Doping Control Laboratory at the Oslo University Hospital and Doping Control Laboratory at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm.

We are excited to provide future updates as we progress to a market launch in 2020.

Supply agreement for HemoVoid with Biotech Support Group LLC

Biotech Support Group (BSG, Monmouth Junction, NJ) and Pro Test Diagnostics AB (Umeå, Sweden) jointly announce that they have entered a supply agreement for the BSG product HemoVoid™. BSG produces products for simple and efficient removal of hemoglobin from red cell lysates. Pro Test Diagnostics AB is a developer of rapid and accurate detection of blood doping through molecular fingerprints.

As part of the supply agreement for autologous blood doping tests, Pro Test Diagnostics AB will incorporate HemoVoid™ as a sample prep method to deplete Hemoglobin and to enrich the red cell cytosolic proteome. The Hemoglobin-depleted sub-proteome is then analyzed by liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) for specific markers of autologous blood.

“Detection of blood doping in human samples requires extremely high signal-to-noise ratio. This can only be achieved by very precise measurement of relevant proteins, and removal of signal reducing hemoglobin, where HemoVoid™ will here play an important role. We have managed to develop an LC-MS/MS based method with high validity and reliability for detection of autologous blood doping” states Professor Christer Malm, CSO and co-founder of Pro Test Diagnostics AB.

Nelson Khoo nominated for the Settler of the Year, “Årets Nybyggare”

Nelson, one of the founders of Pro Test Diagnostics, has been nominated for this year’s Settler. Region finals North will take place in September and if Nelson moves on to the final, it is in Stockholm in October.

The prize is awarded to an entrepreneur with a foreign background who, after a short time in Sweden, has started a company with limited resources. The company must have been active for at least 2 years. The entrepreneur is judged on the basis of six criteria. Entrepreneurial spirit, Economic development, Strategic focus, Impact on the outside world, Personal influence, Innovation.

The IFS Foundation annually arranges H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s prize New settler of the year. The aim is to celebrate and highlight entrepreneurs with foreign backgrounds and to increase interest in entrepreneurship. The prize will show good role models and inspire tomorrow’s entrepreneurs with a foreign background.

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Olympic biathlete appointed new CEO of Pro Test Diagnostics

Former Olympic biathlete Anders Mannelqvist has been appointed the new CEO of Pro Test Diagnostics, a Life Science company that has developed a unique test kit for blood doping.
Until now it has been impossible to detect athletes who try to cheat by having a blood transfusion using their own blood. Now, thanks to a new test kit from Pro Test Diagnostics based at the Umeå Biotech Incubator, this method of doping can be detected.

Anders Mannelqvist officially took over as CEO of Pro Test on May 20th. His initial focus will be on meeting partners and prospective customers, such as the World Anti-Doping Association, the International Olympic Committee and various specialist sports associations who are interested in including the test kit in their screening


Sweden’s biggest newspapers publish articles about our research and the doping scandal in Seefeld

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Wanted: business-oriented CEO

Are you passionate about sports and want to work on improving the conditions for pure sports? Pro Test Diagnostics are now looking for a business-oriented CEO to take the next step in the company’s development.
Apply here (site in swedish)


Game-changer: The long push to end blood transfusions in sport

Christer Malm interviewed by cyclingtips.com


Research subjects wanted

Job as a Research subject

WADA continues its support of PTD test development

A special call went out to global researchers working on anti-doping control of autologous blood doping in December, 2015.

Pro Test Diagnostics AB proposed analysis of various subgrouping of athletes from various genetic backgrounds was successful in securing continued support from WADA grants panel.

Pro Test Diagnostics scientific team and its management look forward to introduce a complementary test in the future that will aid WADA and other sports organization in the fight for clean and fair sports competitions. 

This fall Pro Test Diagnostics will start recruitment locally for participants from various genetic backgrounds. If interested, please look for the posters near you soon.

Together we can make a “Clear Choice” for “Clean Sports”!

On TV4 – “The method that will end blood doping”

“A new swedish method can put an end to blood doping done by blood transfusions.”