Contract Services

From sample collection to statistics and reports!

Pro Test Diagnostics is offering our technical expertise services and quality instrumentation to add value in the following Discovery Services areas:

  1. Pre Clinical Discovery of markers (e.g. control group vs. experimental group, disease vs treated/healthy)
  2. Non-Clinical PK Screening:
    • PK screening, studies and related stability, binding and permeability assays
    • Dependable and expedient bioanalytical support for research and development studies such as ADME and pharmacokinetic (PK) studies
  1. Metabolomics: Drug metabolism, enzymatic activity
  2. Bioanalytical Services:
    • LC/MS/MS evaluation of small molecules, peptides and proteins
    • Quantitation of drug molecules in complex biological samples by LC/MS/MS

We realize that there is a need for our expertise for many research groups in academia and startup companies.  For many,  access to expertise and instrumentation through us  is more cost-effective and of greater value than to setup internally.

Additional research service offerings include:

  • Design of experiment, study validation.
  • Method development and analysis in all types of biological matrices
  • Data interpretation and elucidation, statistical analysis and modelling
  • Support for small or on-going studies.


Our workhorse is the Waters Synapt G2 coupled with a nanoAcquity  UPLC. We expect to bring online a MALDI analysis as well in the future. In addition, we have access to GC/MS for special projects.


Contact us to discuss your project and service costs. Our team can add true value gained over the years of completing complex projects.